Monday, March 18, 2013


Guys, you know I'm a social networking freak and when I came across what I'm about to share with you I was simply outraged!! Remember back in 2008 when Matthew Williamson did a Spring Summer collection of "Ethiopian Inspired Traditional Dresses?" well its back again! This time Urban Outfitters!! Not shedding a lick of recogintion they have this dress on their site titled "Vintage '90 Linen Dress" Im sorry what!? Last time I checked it was called a Zuria. I guess its cause im from Eritrea and a fashion enthusiast that this news rubbed me the wrong way! So anyways, I was on twitter when I heard the news and shared it with my followers, THUS! the power of social networking whisked me away to a page that looked like a petition (whoooop whooop!!) Im simply writing this post so members of this blog can show a little support and sign the petition too!! The link is righhhhht here: 

This is a traditional Zuria or Hager-Leb Dress worn by Eritrean and Ethiopian Ladies

And here are some photos from Matthew Williamson S/S 2008

And here is the photo of the Urban Outfitters dress:

I would like to S/O Lolla Mohammed Nur from St. Paul, United States for tweeting me her concern  and creating the petition! I wish her luck in bringing light to this fashion injustice!

If you have any questions hit me up on twitter (@sewitums), follow @lomonur or comment on this post! The petition takes a second to virtually sign!

Sewit xo!

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