Monday, February 11, 2013

Celine T-Shirt DIY

I really really really wanted to call this post "RIH RIH AINT GOT NOTHIN ON ME ME" cause she has the same shirt....but, yea.

Alright, so to be completely honest I created this t-shirt a few weeks ago, BUT! went ahead and made a new one so I can rock one while the other one well, ill just probably give away! Anyways, ill be sharing with you step by step how to create your own Celine t-shirt!! You can, without a doubt purchase the t-shirt online but the sites I came across were a bit sketchy and eBay was...well...eBay, some are from China some a from the U.K. Uber confusing, so I decided to create my own! Creating t-shirts have become a popular trend for bloggers and DIYers from the Chanel logo tee all the way to the Karl Lagerfeld logo tee. This DIY was pretty easy for the most part, for the logo itself has some jagged edges, so it doesn't have to be perfect! :)

I was forutnate to come in contact with a fashion blogger to lend me the Celine template she used for her shirt-- for the ones on google images are quite small and are just pictures of the shirt, so if you guys need it just send me an email and ill forward you the image!!

So lets get started! If you want your Celine T-shirt to look something like this: 

I'd suggest, if you're buying a basic white tee, to try either Old Navy or H&M , also try getting one that's a cotton and polyester blend (60% cotton, 40% polyester) so its not,for the lack of a better word, "rigid" or gym t-shirt looking,yenno? I purchased mine at Old Navy after having no luck whatsoever at H&M,so if you're there I got it in the women's section and the label inside says "Perfect Crew." in a bright white. 

Things you will need:
  • fabric markers- The Uchida brand is ideal or Crayola 
  • fabric paint (but I used acrylic at the end to clean up the edges..oops!)
  • paint brush
  • white t-shirt (Old Navy Small) but if you want to roll the sleeves go a size up!
  • tape (optional: just to keep the logo in place) on the hardcover book
  • hardcover book/cardboard
  • a printed Celine logo

    Step 1: Tape the Celine logo on the hardcover book and flatten any wrinkles on the front and back of shirt and place the hardcover book horizontally in the center of the shirt.

    Step 2: Making sure you can see the logo through the shirt, begin tracing the letters. TIP: as a tracing tool either use an eyeliner pencil or dull wooden pencil to lightly trace.

    Step 3: Once tracing is complete, color in your letters with a fabric marker, Uchida says you dont have to iron it, but if you choose to just use the fabric marker I suggest you iron it on super low heat. I used acrylic paint (eeeekkk..) for touch ups, and ironed it on low heat.

    Step 4: Leave it to dry, laying flat for a day

    TIP: I guess this tip is a bit common sense, but dont wash it with regular clothes, whether you used fabric markers or paint, it might flake off and might bleed onto other clothes, so hand wash and stay on the safe side!

    After that, its a done deal!! 

    This is how I styled it!

    The Details: 

    Celine Shirt (Whoooop!)
    Leather Leggings, Le Chateau
    BDG Burgundy Cardigan, Urban Outfitters
    Orange and Brown Clutch, Roots <-----deff a Joan Clayton clutch!
    Leather Booties, Steve Madden

    Nail Polish: A toss between OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
    Gold Fossil Watch
    Arm Candy: Assortment; Pandora single red leather bracelet and Wooden Bracelets.
    Gold Statement Piece, Aldo
    Earrings and Rings: H&M

    I hope you guys are inspired to create a design or use a template of some sort for your own t-shirts but if you need any help let me know in the comments or follow me on twitter (@sewitums)



    1. This is so cool. I'm definitely going to pin it for future reference. Thank you for the step by step guide. Now following!

    2. Seriously LOVE how you styled it, the outfit looks adorable and very chic. The clutch is gorgeous and the necklace and accessories are flawless.



    3. you are really talented

    4. Hi there, absolutely love this post! I would love to grab that Celine logo off you if I could?

      Laura :)

      1. Hey! Thank you so much! :) you can either send me your email on this comment! or you can follow me on twitter or facebook (Sewit Misghina) Ill send it to u through there as an inbox :)

    5. Hello can I please have the Celine template

      email it to sexyblackhoney at gmail dot com

      Sending love from South Africa

      1. Hey Pamela I sent it, let me know if you got it :)

        Have fun!

        Sewit xo!

    6. Thank you very much.your one by one step of Celine T-shirt was very useful.I inspired to create a design or use a template of some sort for your own t-shirts from you.if I need any help let you know in the comments or follow you on twitter.
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    26. Hi, when you wash the t-shirt do you have any problem with the acrylic panit????

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