Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bib Necklace and Jewellery Display.

I absolutely love this DIY, what I love most is how simple and fast it was to complete. The only challenging part I faced was having the necklaces dangle unevenly making it incredibly difficult to take a photo. My inspiration was- believe it or not, my mannequin and the thought of a free form retail space. So many boutiques have such a simple atmosphere, which I love cause it makes the store that much more shoppable and looks so much cleaner..anyways I just really wanted to incorporate it in my room so I have a super quick tutorial to show you guys how I did, just that.

So things you will need:
2.Foam board
3.Acrylic/Poster paint
4.Mounting squares
5.Hot glue gun
6.Paint brush
7.Thumb tacks
9.Wooden skewers (optional)
10.Exacto knife or scissors.

Step 1: Take your foam board and frame and trace the inside of the frame.
Feel free to cut this out as soon as you trace it or at the end.

Step 2: As you can see the frame I found laying in my house was grey and that colour doesn't really mesh well with my room so I took a few minutes just to paint over the frame with some orange and white poster paint.

Step 3: With your foam piece you cut out begin to glue the inner part of the frame and quickly add pressure to the foam board to secure both the foam board and frame together.

Step 4:
Step 5: Take your frame with the foam board attached and begin to add the mounting squares on the back of the frame I used 4 squares....DUHH!

ADD some pressure when putting it on your wall.

Step 6: This part is easy, you simple take your necklace by the lobster claw and your thumb tack and stick your necklace on the foam board in any fashion you like.

My Jewellery Display looks like this:

The wooden skewer is optional if you decide to add earrings. I took mine off after discovering how clutter-ey it looks.

How easy was that?!?! Let me know if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, or ask me on twitter (@sewitums)


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