Saturday, January 11, 2014

DIY: Jil Sander Lunch Bag Clutch

Is this actually happening!? Ive been talking about this DIY forever and I finally did it!! I'm super happy with how it turned out! Ill obviously show you step by step below, but first, lets talk numbers!! For designers like Jil Sander and Marie Turnor this bag is a classic piece, its made its way to Zara and now is an item in Celine's SS2013 collection. Its a unique looking bag, not your typical clutch but retails for a little over $700 DAMN! Below I've posted a few photos that I used for some inspiration!

Marie Turnor $220-
Jil Sander $

I might have put those of you that read or tried out my TOMS tutorial at a disadvantage, the zippers may have been too difficult to sew without a sewing machine! So I'll be using a hot glue gun for this instead, hollaa! FUN FOR EVERYONE!

Lets get started!

Things you will need:

  • Leather- I used vegan leather and purchased one yard for $13 at Affordable Textiles in Toronto but you can choose a fabric store (here
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Ruler and measuring tape
  • Paper bag- I used a small ZARA shopping bag. (a great template if you're not really into math and measurements)
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • YOU CAN USE EPOXY GLUE as an alternative!

Step One: Using the paper bag dismantle it from the bottom, and cut off the handles!  Lay it flat on top of the sheet of should probably plug in your glue!

Step Two: Draw the exact measurement of the bag onto the leather and begin to cut. If you guys don't have a shopping bag my measurement of the whole sheet of leather was 13" by 25.1/4'' (in inches) 

Step Three: If you all are visual peeps like me you'll probably want to draw some lines inside the leather sheet so you can glue everything firmly and quick without getting it glunky and dry!

This photo pretty much displays all the lines I made on the leather sheet before I started gluing. I had to colour code them cause my writing was super tiny!

Whole sheet is 13'' X 25.1/4''
Yellow: 4''
Pink: 9''
Green: 5"
Purple: 13"
Brown (allowance, to glue the ends together) 2.1/4''

Step Four: Begin gluing the allowance over to the other end of the leather. DON'T GLUE ALL THE WAY DOWN (vertically) STOP AT THE PINK, GREEN AND BROWN LINE.  leaving room to fold the base down.

Step Five: Making sure there aren't any air bubbles and it isn't lumpy, glue the yellow 4'' piece up, towards the pink 9'' piece. (creating a right angle triangle) before doing that to the other side, pinch both ends and and bring ends to the pink 9" line. Then do that to the other side as well.

Step Six: Now, after doing that to both ends the clutch must have a base, that looks somewhat like this.
Step 7: Press firmly from the inside of the clutch to make sure the clutch is secure. After that feel free to jazz up the way you roll the top by adding ribbons on the side, little rips at the top, or bag snaps on the side for it to keep its structure.

For me the measurements it took some time so about 2 hours to complete the full project :)

I didn't add an outfit with this DIY, just nail polish for the clutch to POP! regardless of what outfit you wear it with.

Nailpolish: Essie- Mint Candy Apple. Click here for a swatch.

Let me know if you have questions and enjoy doing this DIY! I did :)

twitter: @sewitums



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