Thursday, August 8, 2013

Breaking Bad DIY!

Breaking Bad will finally be back on TV this Sunday (August 11th 2013)! I'm so excited, so what better way to celebrate the season premiere then with a fun, easy and cheap DIY!!!

There are so many shirts online that range up to 25-30 dollars, which isn't bad, but I just found doing this DIY pretty easy, for the shirts online aren't perfect so your sketch of the infamous Mr. White, doesn't have to be perfect either.

This shirt WILL look a bit messy just because you will be tracing your picture onto your shirt, and it becomes quite difficult when dragging your marker against it.

So below, I have all the things you will need!

  • Any search engine for inspiration by simply entering "Heisenberg Breaking Bad" in the search bar...I used BING, kiddddddding, google.
  • Black
    • Acrylic paint
    • Sharpie for initial sketch onto the shirt
    • Fabric Marker
  • Foam Board or a hard cover
This is a closer look of the sketch that I made freehand that I will use as a tracing tool.

Begin tracing with a black marker (sharpie)

Once the tracing is complete, either continue coloring with a fabric marker or use the acrylic paint.

So this next photo is why I suggest to use a foam board: Some paint from the shirt soaked onto the foam and to my surprise it sorta looks like an abstract Walter White, which I will probably frame.

So when I took this photo,  my shirt was hanging to dry!

This is how my shirt turned out, and unlike my Celine Logo Tee I will press the shirt with low heat!


If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section of this post, or hit me up on twitter @sewitums!! Follow me on all the networking sites I have on the right side toolbar, so we can keep in touch!!



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