Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes: Joan Rivers Who?

Damn, I sorta feel sorry for all these celebs, like one walk on the carpet and the blogosphere goes HAM! So after watching the Golden Globes on good ol' CTV its safe to say everyone looked absoulety goregous with an exception of a few stars, so before I compare my thoughts of that of Joan Rivers I'll be sounding off on the nights hits and misses, WELP!


Lea Michele's TAN IS UNREAL!! But she looked absolutely gorgeous!! Even though I find her face a bit annoying, she looks amazeballs in this halter Elie Saab beaded gown. 

If any of you disagree with my next choice...well that's just it, you can't!!


Eva Longoria looked FABULOUS! This Pucci Gown looks ravishing on her, so medieval looking! I like the gothic look and the pale pink lipstick and yes, the thigh high split. I'm in love with the lace detailing I feel like a lot of stars from last night tried to do the whole lace look and just didn't come close!! Some may argue if she was taller the dress could've worked better, but you know what they say!! The higher the heels, the closer to God!


Just for the record I adore the Rancics, its quite sick actually BUT this Celia Kritharioti gown makes me wonder if this will end up on E's Fashion Police! As annoying as Joan Rivers is will she mention this bizarre fashion choice made by one of her co-hosts?? Anywho, in my opinon, black dresses aint all that bad, and I've gotten used to the whole lace trend, but the neckline!! Giuliana is beautiful and looks tall on tv she could have worked the neckline around the collarbone, show off that bone structure! But hey, Giuliana's been doing this for years, she'll figure something out for the next award show!


Sienna Miller! you weren't alone, I was wearing my jammies too, they weren't Erdem but hey one day!! Ah I feel like such a hater, but come on! Are those pom pom's? I'll stop, maybe next time Sienna.

What were your fav looks of the night?
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