Monday, January 21, 2013

What to do with a TOMS flag...


Spring is quickly approaching meaning you're either going to purchase a pair of TOMS or bring yours out again to rock for the season! For those of you with a pair of TOMS, you all probably know that the shoe box comes packed with a bumper sticker and a flag. After playing around with my sewing machine and folding the edges of the flag, I created my own toiletry travel pouch! This also counts as my first project with my sewing machine so its perfect for beginners just like me!! After purchasing a zipper for $3 my project was underway and didn't even take long!! In this blog post I've posted all the supplies you need and the steps to take to create your very own TOMS pouch!!

Below are all the supplies you're going to need!
  • An Iron
  • One TOMS flag
  • A Zipper
  • Needle and Thread or a Sewing Machine
  • Measuring tape.
*As a TIP: if they dont have your exact zipper in inches, go with a longer one because you can stuff the excess zipper on the side.

Alright, the first step is to iron the flag just so there aren't any creases when you fold horizontally or vertically. Then measure how long your zipper should be.

For the Sewing part: Fold the flag horizontally inside, and sew both sides. Once sewing is complete the pouch is inside out.

Because my zipper was an inch off I made sure to leave some room so I could stuff the excess zipper on the side...TIP: To guide your zipper accordingly make sure you iron the edges of where you want your zipper to lay making it easier to sew.

The final step of this project is to stuff some tissue paper or newspaper inside so it keeps its shape and does not worp. 

Your final TOMS Travel Pouch should look something like this!

This DIY was actually ALOT of fun, so if you plan on purchasing TOMS hold on to your flag!!



  1. Hello,
    thanks for sharing. that is a great idea.

  2. This is cool Sewit, can't wait to see what else you got :)...

  3. what just happened? i bliked and suddenly you transformed that flag!